Not only do we install inground and above ground pools but we service pools as well. We specialize in liner replacements, tile and replastering gunite pools, concrete repair as well as stamped concrete and spray deck. We also provide Certified Pool Operator services to commercial, apartment, and condo pools. For residential pool owners we offer a variety of cleaning services including weekly service so all you have to do is the swimming. We also service most all brands of pumps, filters, automatic cleaners, automated controls and salt systems.

Your Pool Leak Detection Specialists

It's normal for your healthy pool to lose small amounts of water, however, there comes a time when water loss is problematic and can cause extensive damage if not repaired immediately. Luau Pools, Inc. specializes in leak detection and repair and is ready to get your pool back in pristine shape.

If you have noticed any of the following occurring in and around your pool, contact our pool leak detection specialists today:

  • Air in the plumbing system
  • Cracks in the pool shell
  • Water loss of more than 2 inches a week
  • Soggy spots around the pool or pool equipment
  • Sinking or lifting pool deck

Using specialized equipment and our leak detection knowledge, we will be able to determine the origin of the leak and how much water is being lost – an important first step that determines how quickly and effectively the leak can be repaired. Many leaks are easily treatable and require little invasive repair work, however, if a leak is left undetected and unrepaired it could result in serious and costly structural damage.

Contact our pool leak detection repair experts today so we can determine the source of the pool leak and fix it quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Pool Equipment Repair & Replacement

Old or damaged pool equipment can not only compromise the overall efficiency and safety of your pool system, but can also skyrocket your utility bills. Our qualified technicians can repair or replace your pool equipment quickly and for a fair price. We'll work hard to repair your existing equipment, and when a replacement or upgrade is needed we rely on the unsurpassed quality, durability of major brands like Zodiac/Jandy, Hayward and Pentair pool equipment to keep your pool at its best for years to come.

Contact us today to discuss your pool maintenance, servicing, and repair needs.

Energy Efficiency and Automation

At Luau Pools, Inc., we understand your time is valuable. There's no reason for any pool or spa owner to use more energy or spend more money than necessary in order to maintain their pool, and that's why we're dedicated to giving you the most energy-efficient custom poolscape to enjoy in the most effortless way.

Outfitting your pool from the onset with energy-efficient equipment proves to be the best way to reduce energy consumption while cutting your utility costs associated with pool ownership, all while running a low-maintenance pool. Because when your pool runs effectively and efficiently, you get more time where you should – in the water.

Integrating an automated control system is the best way you can save time and money while operating your pool. Imagine being able to warm your pool or spa before you get home, having it ready for you by the time you arrive. Automated control systems give you the latitude to control your pool anywhere, anytime on your smart device – a perk for the pool owner on the go.

While there is a greater initial investment to incorporate energy-efficient pool and spa equipment, the rate of return can save you hundreds of dollars on future utility bills. Not only does energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly pool and spa equipment reduce pool operating costs, but it also cuts down on energy usage and saves water – benefiting both you and the environment.

Contact Luau Pools, Inc. today to find out how we can outfit your custom pool, or retrofit your current one, with energy-efficient equipment.

Pool Opening & Closings

When the spring and winter months roll around, make sure your pool is ready. Luau Pools, Inc. offers pool opening and closing services to ensure your pool is ready to swim in spring and ready to hibernate in winter. Services include the following depending on which level of service you prefer. We offer different levels of service, so please speak to one of our team members to discuss which services best suit your needs.

Pool Opening Service

  • Inspect pool cover for damage
  • Remove, fold and stow winter cover
  • Screw down deck grommets
  • Installation of deck equipment (ladders, handrails,etc...)
  • Removal of winter plugs
  • Reassemble pool filter
  • Start pumps and pool heater
  • Prime plumbing
  • Install return fittings and skimmer baskets

Pool Closing/Winterize Service

  • Install Winterizing plugs
  • Adjust water level
  • Blow out the lines
  • Remove skimmer baskets, cleaners, wall fittings
  • Drain all pumping, filtering, heating and chlorinating equipment
  • Store ladders, handrails
  • Cover the pool

Pump Installation

A swimming pool pump is an essential piece of pool equipment that’s used to create the flow that circulates chemicals evenly throughout the pool so they can effectively sanitize the water. It works by pulling water from the pool, passing it through the filter for sanitization, and circulating it back into the pool and is a must-have for proper pool health. If you are in need of a pump repair, replacement, or installation, call the experts at Luau Pools, Inc. to get your service scheduled!

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